Courtesy Moving Van

Courtesy 13’ moving van available for use when you buy or sell a home with Kritsonis & Lindor.

We are excited to announce our courtesy moving van is making rounds and helping our clients' moves be even more seamless.


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The Zillow reviews are already rolling in:

"Our house sold in about 4 days with a bidding war surpassing our wildest dreams. John made our move very easy by lending us a moving truck."
-Bill & Peggy | August 2018

"We discovered both Karl & John have this incredible proactive desire to go the extra mile. For example, I was talking with John in our driveway after signing & mentioned I am going to need a truck to start hauling furniture. John quickly replied, 'I have a moving van you can use and would be happy to drop it off for you tomorrow.' The van worked great!"
- Kent & Renee | August 2018

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